Hotel Park Inn by Rаdisson Kyiv Troyitska


Andrey Yatsentiuk

Studio DHI-architecture


Youriy Goriashchenko

For this hotel, our company made wall and ceiling decoration in public areas. The task was very interesting and tedious. The geometry has become a leitmotif for the whole interior design. In the hall, there was created a wall with geometrical pattern. For the main restaurant, a wooden partition was made. The triangle elements were organized the way that the wall lets the light go through and it looks very light. For business halls, our masters made wooden ceilings. One hall has panels look like parquet. The other has a complicated construction of three-dimensional hexagons. For the lounge area, we’ve produced a 3D ceiling panel with triangular elements. Craftmanship and precision let us implement those complicated geometrical constructions that created a special atmosphere in the hotel, wood as a natural material added to the interior comfort and cosines.

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